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Describe Your Hero/Villain Name

6 years 4 days ago
Exactly what the title says. Share how you came to that name and what it means to you. I'll start:

"Azuruleus" has been a name I've used a lot. Pronounced "ahh-zuh-rule-e-us"
Here's a detailed description of how my name came to be.
1. "Azero" (Short for Azeroth) was my very first WoW name back when I played it years ago (Vanilla).
2. I also like the color blue and blue in latin is "Caerulean". (I also like Latin. Words sound fancy)
3. Alot of Latin words have "-eus" at the end.
Take the Az- from Azero, the -rule from Caerulean and add -eus and you have something close to Azuruleus.
Most characters I have with this name use blue colored everything; Ice, Water, costumes, etc.
And this.. is me. :cheer:
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5 years 11 months ago
Selena V'nami.
- Irish Hacktivist and black arms trader that runs her own criminal syndicate and tends to be both a blackhat and a whitehat depending on the circumstance.

-The name came to me simply for the fact that I always set to heart if I had a daughter I would name her Selena.

- The last name came when I was using the name for a Tiamat Priestess in Neverwinter Nights. And I happened to be stumped for a last name and had a Salami sandwhich in my hand.

I literally went: "Salami, Salami, Vnami. We can put an apostrophe between the V and the N to make it all elfy. And it has literally been the name I have used for every single main character of mine since. and that has been for over three years.
"The mind is of itself. It can make a heaven out of hell, or a hell out of heaven."

Selena V'nami ~ Owner of The Clover Exchange
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5 years 11 months ago
Reaper Raven (villain):

Basically the encarnation of a death god called reaperes in Europe, he came to Earth to collect all human souls he can because of a debt humanity has with his for ages by unknown reasons. He has the power of became one with darkness and leech essence of all living things including non-biological forms of life like cyborgs getting allied with other villains just for fun..

-Reaper: because of his condition of god and his huge-long scythe called Esskull (essence of skull, yeah the name its very strange XD)

-Raven: He is known by being represetned as a plague doctor or a big raven with a plummed overcoat and darkness wings only to show fear to his enemies.

He is the combination of a spirit with the power of order (life and death).
The Raven observes from the sky. He descends as a death God, and he takes the souls they debt for himself...
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5 years 10 months ago
I'm still downloading the client, so Im not sure if I'll use the name Dadaist Vigilante or not.

Its a name I use for my actual alter ego. I dont really fight crime though, I do performance art on trains, buses, and city streets. Its a mix of acting like an evil genius/political activist, spontaneously breaking into song, or going into a comedy routine using a backlog of scthicks Ive built up over 8 years of doing this.

Yes, Im mad. But Im a friendly sort of mad. I may use the name for a character just to come up with new ideas.
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