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Powerhelm - Legacy

7 years 11 months ago
Some background on Powerhelm's background:

Powerhelm was a character I originally designed back in 2001 on the City of Heroes pre-alpha/beta boards. He was created day 1 of both Beta and launch and had several spinoff characters. He was also created day 1 of DCUO and CO launch. As he's been moved through different game universes I've written it as he, or whoever has the mantle at the time, is being pulled through the Multiverse. Sort of the curse of Powerhelm.

I also have several issues rough drafted in a comic book series I'd like to get an artist for involving Powerhelm as the main character.

Origin Story:

You wanna know about Powerhelm? I'll tell ya.

Depending on who you ask it's always different. He's an alien from another planet, or a rich billionaire, playboy, philanthropist. Sometimes he's a celebrity using their connections and money for good. Hell, I even heard someone say he's the President of the United States working secretly for the government.

But here's the truth. The whole truth. He's me. Well, WAS me. My name is Wayne Wilder. I'm not from around here. In my home dimension, lets call it Earth -Alpha, there were these aliens that lived in the heart of stars. Advanced beyond human scientific theory, even the crazy super future theories.

They liked to experiment on creatures and would form and manipulate populations on various sentient creatures' homeworlds. The ones that lived in the star in our solar system manipulated myth and culture over eons. Their early experiments included Greek and Norse creatures and Gods. Zeus? I met him, nice guy. Really full of himself though.

Eventually, they decided that a more drastic catalyst would produce the results they wanted. So they zapped Earth and these red beams came out of the sky or up through the ground depending on what side of Earth you were on.

People started changing, some outward physical changes, many internal changes.

The Era of the Super-Hero had begun.

I fought my fair share of guys and even formed a team, classic comicbook stuff. Eventually, the aliens decided the experiment had run its course. There was war...even people who wanted me dead were fighting by my side against these beings.

We survived, most of us, and went back to the status quo, save for a few people that switched sides. The damage of that war was worst than just lives, the very fabric of space began to crack. Magic seeped through.

It wasn't long before genetic freaks gave way to ancient evils. Things got interesting.

After that things got, crazy. Yeah, crazy is really relative here.

The biggest rift became unstable, it was a one-way trip to seal it but someone had to do it to save both worlds. That was me.

That was how I ended up in Paragon City. Nice place reminded me of home, bad guys, good guys, evil aliens. Universal and Multiversal constant - Evil Aliens.

I helped out there but it...ended. A lot of people died. A Universe died.


When I reached Millennium City, through another fracture in space and time of course, I had a bit of a break down. Losing a universe will do that, even if I did make it through with my son, James.

Before I went totally off my rocker I passed the Powerhelm nanites to him, I could feel my sanity slipping. That worked out well, he did a lot of good, even had to beat me down a couple times before they got my brain fixed up.

Then I lost him. Big bad guy, James wasn't as experienced as I was, wasn't ready to fight a God.

I took up the mantle again, took down the God...and ended up here for all my hard work. No friends, no family. Nothing.

It's a completely fresh start, whether I wanted it or not.
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7 years 10 months ago
This is nice.

I´m sure there will be lot´s of players who re-do thier characters in Valiance Online.

I´m looking forward to see old and new heroes in this awesome game.
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7 years 9 months ago
This is pretty good man. What made it good for me, is that I really felt the loss of Paragon while reading this. Miss it there and I look fwd to us all powering up in this game!
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7 years 8 months ago
Gerald Deemer wrote:
This is nice.

I´m sure there will be lot´s of players who re-do thier characters in Valiance Online.

I´m looking forward to see old and new heroes in this awesome game.

I asked on the Greenlight page if people would re-do their old characters. not many responded but a few said they would and other said they wouldn't.
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