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Damage Numbers on Super Strength

3 years 2 months ago
I've noticed that super strength puts out really low damage compared to the other damage sets. At around level 9, 4 of my SS powers were still dealing between 28-40 damage while a similarly leveled friend was dealing a minimum of 200. Most interesting was that my moderate damage power was usually the closest to 40 damage, while my extreme damage power was actually usually in the 20's. I also tested some fire melee and at level 3, fire sword had already begun dealing 40+ damage.

I'm aware this is just alpha, but I think the weirdness that the moderate damage powers would be dealing more damage than the extreme damage powers is worth calling attention to.
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3 years 2 months ago
[] I'm surprised that you have a lvl 9 melee character despite the low dmg. Right now I'm playing as a level 4 Street/Iron melee and it me a while to take down a lvl 1. I cannot take down one or two level 1s mixed with a level 5 because I die. I don't think the secondary powerset Iron is working correctly so I have 3 attack powers.
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