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Time/Space Manipulation

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4 years 2 months ago
Not entirely sure if this is a planned set or not;
Going to toss this idea out anyway~

Because I've always thoroughly loved the idea of Time Mages~!
Time Magic always seemed like an interesting concept, and one that I think would still work very well in this sort of setting
Especially since it has a wide array of applications and the like.

Slowing down time around a certain unit or group, causing their spells to recharge slower and/or having them reach you slower as well, perhaps even reducing their accuracy
Speeding up your characters so they move faster and/or recharge more swiftly, perhaps increasing their evasion
Or just plain stopping a character entirely (as a form of hold or soft hold)

Alternatively there are other neat ideas for Time Manipulation~
Such as immediately resetting a target to a previous state (I.E a raise or a strong heal, perhaps literally restoring their health to what it was X amount of seconds ago)
Or aging a character to the point where their stats are reduced across the board.

Gravity would also be interesting to mess around with as well --
And of course can also be used in the same sort of situations and with similar effects.
Either way, the concept of manipulating these things would be cool, and there are a variety of iconic characters/heroes/villains that've used these sorts of abilities before -- and of course lore wise they could have just enough control over it to be really effective in combat but not strong enough to literally win every fight.

Examples of fantastical characters with these sorts of strengths;

1. Kamen Rider Chronos
2. Jotaro Kujo (Spoilers)
3. Doctor Strange (More Spoilers Ahead)
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4 years 3 weeks ago
I would also love to see Time Manipulation, Gravity and/or Space manipulation all in the game.
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4 years 2 weeks ago
totally OP nerf it!
Here to do 2 things eat cookies and kick butt.. Im all outta cookies
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3 years 2 months ago
Pooterific wrote:
totally OP nerf it!

Joking though that may be, they do bring up a good point. Powers like these need to be severely limited by the underpinning game mechanics and code lest they get out of control fast. Sure, you can make it have a unique setup or playstyle and just flavor it as space or time manipulation. It is a good idea however, if at all possible, for it to feel like the actual powerset instead of a refluff as it might be on a technical level. That's tricky with something so commonly portrayed as extremely powerful by nature.
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