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Few Simple changes

3 years 6 months ago
I turned the game on for the first time today and it runs great but i do have a few quick ideas that i think would help with the Basic gameplay.

-Make the Run Animation faster (Its a Big World)

-Add a speed variation on the mouse wheel? EG. HOLD Shift + Scroll up Wheel = Move faster.
HOLD Shift + Scroll Down Wheel = move Slower
(So that you dont have to hold down SHIFT all the time)

-I know its planned but a Large World Map with a Key and Legend would help with orientation, also help to plan community events.
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3 years 6 months ago
Well not only will the animation be speeding up but we are going to be almost doubling base movement speed in the next patch. It is a big world but you will be surprised how small it seems when your running around with a travel power lol.

For the Shift/scroll thing, the whole movement system will be changing not in the next patch but in the future, I think you will enjoy it.

Once we roll out the next section of the map we will be updating the map. Currently a lot of the POI's will be changing, so look forward to that as well. :)
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