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3 years 4 months ago
In any MMO i have ever played i have always felt lost in the sea of 1000's of other players doing the exact same missions that i am doing and in most cases have ploughed hundreds of hours in (My real life doesnt permit that) and have far better armours/weapons and skills than me. You play on know that nothing about you is truly Unique.

I have always wanted a way for my name to be stand out for people to see. Which is difficult in this sort of game.

So i was thinking of say :-

(Placeholder Name)God Items.....meaning Weapons/Shields etc......not many!.....Say 5 Legendary God Weapons.

Each of the 5 items is dispursed randomly to players of All Levels roughly every two weeks, A special Quest is given to the 5 recipients whereby they can Solo quest a (Difficult) Mission to keep a Replica version after the two weeks are up....and the Items are Re-distributed.

you could keep names on Plaques or Monoliths in-game of who has Wielded these Weapons and Items. It just gives anyone a chance to get 15 min of fame in game knowing that NO ONE else has that Sword the same time as you!

Losts of following Missions and Quests could stem from it.....and in a Year Change the 5 Items to new ones.

Its something ive though would be good for a while, let me know if its a good idea or to shut up!!! :lol: :lol: :P
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3 years 4 months ago
Keep the idea's coming! worst we can say is "nope, can't do that right now" or possibly ever.

Or, ya know, get so busy we just never implement it, and then you'd know what's up lol.
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