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Internal Updates

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3 months 2 weeks ago
We apologize for the lack of updates as we've been working on a very large series of patches that we hope to have ready... soon. In the meantime we are going to start posting our internal updates so you can see the progress we are making. Here are the latest updates from the past few weeks!

1. Huge Unity 2018 update
- Fixed many scripts
- Rewrote a few scripts
- Updated a few shaders
2. Cleaned up quite a few directories
3. Transitioned to the new module package workflow for all Unity Technologies components
- Post-Processing Stack V2; also updated to 2.0.7
- ProBuilder
- ProGrids
- Analytics
- TextMesh Pro
- Cinemachine
4. Updated project to the latest Unity ProjectSettings and ProjectVersion asset files
- Updated to latest Unity release
5. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene
- Prepared a few elements for the new 3D environment artist to get started on
6. Added a few environment tools
7. Added new Unity Technologies modules
8. Added new water/river solution
- Deleted the old
9. Added new general UI art textures/sprites
10. Cleaned up the Interface directory
11. Updated to the latest version of Unity 2018.2.1f1
- Fixed script errors related to the transition
12. Updated many Allow asset files related to the transition
13. Updated the Utils script
- Updated the references to the ParticleRenderer type since Unity doesn't use that anymore
14. Updated the level design tool
15. Updated all Unity Technology component modules
- Transitioned those that weren't already transitioned to the new module format
16. Removed some remaining elements of the Steamworks.NET API system
17. Updated the water shader
18. Updated the sky shader
19. Updated the working state AreaSanCielo
- Updated the terrain
- Updated some road elements
- Updated some building positions
20. Updated a few other environment elements and scripts associated with them
21. Updated to the latest Unity version ( Unity 2018.2.2f1 )

We'll continue to post updates as they are available from the different parts of the development team!
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3 months 1 week ago
Here's the latest updates...

1. Updated to the latest version of Unity 2018.2.5f1
- NOTE: Everyone else can update to 2018.2.6f1; I have to lag behind as the 3D artist working on the map is on the Linux release schedule which is still one version behind
2. Updated road and curb materials
3. Updated hologram shader and materisl
4. Updated all Unity Technologies modules
5. Added concept art for Skyeline
6. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene
- Added tons of updates
7. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene
- Polished up a few streets and intersections
- NOTE: these are now ready to be merged with parking lot ramps and sidewalks to as far as Chad has completed
8. Updated a few environment materials
9. Updated the Prisma Celeste monument area
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2 months 2 weeks ago
1. Huge animation update
2. Huge environment update
3. Huge character update
4. Updated our terrain toolsets
5. Added new road spline toolset
6. Updated lots of terrain and road textures
- Added new LED projector light textures and lots for crosswalks
- Removed old larger TGA files for most road elements that doesn't need 32-bit texture rendering for builtin alpha culling
7. Updated to the latest version of Unity (2018.2.8f1)
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1 month 1 week ago
The latest internal updates...

1. Updated the road meshes
2. Moved the facial expression and phoneme animations to the root source directory
3. Updated holographic materials
4. Added new LED light textures and patterns for LED road and billboard elements (looks pretty cool too!)
5. Updated all road materials and textures
- Added new materials for new road elements
- Added new roadline alphas
6. Updated the terrain tool set
- Updated its nature profiles
- Updated its shader profiles
7. Added new environment concept art and reference art for the 3D art contractors
8. Updated building meshes
- Optimized a few lots
- NOTE: They level designer will eventually remake these to be far more optimized in his pass, but for now I wanted to get them improved for testing
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6 days 27 minutes ago
Internal Updates:
1. Updated the AreaSanCielo sky profile
- Oriented west and east properly
2. Updated the sky shader
3. Updated all animations meta data
- Added new events, settings, etc
4. Added many new animations as well as a custom set of heroic traversal animations from our new animation contractor
5. Removed all Substance textures as Unity no longer supports them natively
6. Updated many materials
- Updated to new custom shaders
7. Updated preparsed data
- Updated mobs and NPC spawns
- Fixed some ability bugs reported by players
8. Updated the main camera prefab
- Deleted old post processing shader component
- Added the new stack 2 version
9. Added a new reflection probe refresh script
10. Updated the LocalPlayer prefab
- Added a reflection probe and added the reflection probe refresh script to it
11. Updated the entire Scenes directory layout to make it more navigable
12. Updated the project to the latest version of Unity (2018.2.18f1)
13. Updated the Startup, Startup_Live, and AreaSanCielo scene
- Fixed elements or resolved issues with prefabs or scene elements
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1 day 21 hours ago
1. Updated the male and female base prefab
- Added NPC/pedestrian components to help with character evasion
2. Updated all road models and prefabs
- Updated textures, meshes, and materials
- Deleted old prefabs and references
- Updated source files
3. Updated the MainCamera prefab
- Updated the OutlineEffects component; fixed self highlight bug
4. Updated the FBX exporter tool
- Added new export options
5. Updated the water shader
- Optimized it further for better performance when real-time reflection are enabled
6. Updated the traffic and pedestrian system
- Improved performance quite significantly
- Rewrote and deleted many components
7. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene
- Combined many terrain and lot objects
- Uses 2 mesh colliders instead of 883
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