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Internal Updates

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3 years 7 months ago

1. Added the new features to the shader framework:
- Added height-base vertex color blending.
- Added PoM depth options to all shaders with priority sorting.
- Added alpha channel support for mesh terrain shading.
- Added alpha channel support for character customizer shader.
2. Updated the audio manager tool:
- Added new time of day events for changing various environment audio types.
- Added volumetric audio features including line-based, mesh-based, and pivot-based.
3. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Added more terrain chunks.
- Finalized some street and sidewalk meshes.
- Updated water planes and waster volumes.
- Rebuilt the foliage managers data files.
- Added touch support for grass and some bush foliage.
- Added new architecture.
- Modified mob spawn points.
- Modified NPC spawn points.
- Modified interactive workstation spawn points.
- Cleaned up the main hierarchy thread; sorted, organized, and combined objects.
4. Updated the Art/Locations directory:
- Added the Earth directory.
- Added the Asgard directory.
- Added the Cyberspace (Slipstream) directory.
- Added the Mars directory.
- Added the Void Dimension directory.
- Added the Virtual Reality director.
- Added the Eritos directory.
5. Sorted the Earth locations into the new Earth directory:
- San Cielo.
- San Diego (ruins/sinkhole).
- Texas.
6. Sorted the Mars locations into the new Mars directory:
- Keplar Colony.
7. Added new Asgard art to the new Asgard directory.
8. Sorted the Cyberspace art to the new Cyberspace directory:
- PvP Arena.
9. Added the Virtual Reality art to the new Virtual Reality directory:
- Containment Zone.
10. Added new architectur for San Cielo:
- Sorted to the new San Cielo directory location.
11. Cleaned up tons of code.
12. Added new news-stand interactor:
- May contain player written content/books.
- Will contain world content/books with news which may or may not include information on investigation missions.
13. Updated the live server:
- Transported to the new server cluster for testing.
- Fixed some bugs with the M.U.S.E. terminals procedural mission system.
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3 years 7 months ago
Internal Updates:

1. Removed the .vs directory from versioning:
- Coders will maintain their automated generation and project.
2. Updated the Base-m and Base-f appearance module prefabs:
- Added new face emotions.
- Added more facial customization.
- Cleaned up some of the prefab hierarchy.
- Manually filled fields made available through script edits with their proper resource association; removed references and lookups during runtime as they are unnecessary now.
- Updated the footstep audio source to use a single source that spawns a footstep sound only on foot impact; this value will be cached soon for pooling optimization.
3. Updated all visual effects for optimization:
- Completed the optimization of the shader keywords.
- Removed various quality shaders types; setup methods of handling particle density and physics as part of the video quality settings.
- Removed particle animations; updated to use particle system curves.
4. Added new archery effects and shaders:
- NOTE: Never before had archery looked so badass!!! NEVER!!!
5. Modified the Skyeline water mesh and its water volumes.
6. Removed old palm tree foliage:
- Added new, optimized palm trees.
7. Updated the City Hall building construction meshes and prefabs:
- Updated modularity and fixed some vertex alignment issues.
- Updated texturing to use the new Skyline texture collection.
8. Updated many scripts to resolve warnings and to move to new Unity API changes:
- Rewrote some methods and events to take advantage of new more performant features.
- Updated all particle scripts to use the new particle instancing tech.
9. Updated the AnimationEx script:
- Added more animations for swimming, flying, and added new animations for wall crawling.
10. Updated the tooltips script:
- Added checks for the UI being suddenly hidden while you're hovering over a GUI interactor.
11. Updated the traffic system:
- Utilized the new mathematics, jobs, and burst compilation system.
- Improved traffic networking system.
- Added aerial traffic functionality; removed the generic sky vehicle particles.
12. Updated the sky shader:
- Improved shader performance.
- Removed parameters that we'll likely not use.
13. Removed the Logs directory from versioning:
- Coders will maintain their automated generation and project.
14. Added new AEGIS rocket pack animations:
- Added player versions as well.
15. Updated Sykeline lot mesh:
- Added more lots.
16. Added new biome concept images.
17. Added new Asgard props.
18. Added new building props.
19. Updated the AreaSkyeline scene:
- Added more road and terrain chunks.
- Setup the new highway ramp and support beam meshes for automated implementation during road elevation creation.
20. Removed the placeholder sworrd and shield animation set:
- Added the new custom sword and shield animation set.
21. Removed the placeholder shield combat animation set:
- Added the new custom shield combat animation set.
22. Updated the universal-character-controller Animator Controller:
- Updated the Shield Combat power set's animation motions; this power set is current relegated to Paramount but will be available to players soon.
- Updated the Sword and Shield power set's animation motion.
- Added new attack animation motions.
23. Updated the base locomotion animation sets:
- Added new animation additives for moving while playing some emotes like talking and waving.
- Updated many movement animations to improve the humanoid animations.
24. Updated to the latest 2019.2 release of Unity (2019.2.20f1).
25. Added new emote animations
26. Updated the particle systems and their shaders:
- Optimized shader keywords with localized keyword implementation.
- Removed some scripts that controlled particle animations and replaced with animation curves/noise.
27. Updated the burst compiler packages.
28. Added new outfit concept art.
29. Removed old sector management system:
- Added new sector management system.
30. Updated project to the latest 2019.2 release (2019.2.21f1).
31. Added new concept art references for Skyeline.
32. Updated the sound manager system.
33. Removed old particle effects and particle systems:
- Transitioned to the new standard particle effects and particle systems.
34. Removed the database implementation:
- Transitioned the database to its own repository for live database replication.
35. Updated the Build directory to exclude the backup data iteration of the build.
36. Added the Mac and Linux 64-bit clients.
37. Updated the Windows client.
38. Added the map server physics clients.
39. Added new power set visual effects:
- Laser Rifle.
- Psionic Melee.
- Ice Melee.
- Electricity Projection.
- Gravity Manipulation.
- Rocket Launcher.
- Railgun.
- Sniper Rifle.
40. Added new material state shaders:
- Burning.
- Frozen.
- Circuitry.
- Decay.
41. Added space particles for the trailer cinematic:
- Volumetric nebula.
- Space debris.
- Pulsewave explosion.
42. Updated the burst compiler to the latest release.
43. Updated the Builds repository:
- Updated the Windows build.
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3 years 6 months ago
Internal Updates!

1. Updated the AE_LegacyQueue script:
- Fully qualified the namespace of the legacy queue for the Archery Effects type.
2. Updated all effects shaders:
- Optimized more keywords.
- Merged more shader types and methods.
- Updated effects script references to use the new merged shaders.
3. Updated power effect prefabs:
- Updated particle systems and meshes with new shaders and materials.
- Removed all references to the Universal and High-Definition render pipeline.
4. Removed old base locomotion animations:
- Replaced with the new animation set.
5. Rewrote a majority of the visual effects shaders:
- Added better use of GPU rendered particles.
6. Updated particle scripts and materials:
- Added more GPU instancing to particles.
- Replaced projectile particle handling with new instanced bullet projectile particle tech.
7. Removed older particle prefabs, scripts, materials, and shader.
8. Updated the rock and terrain shaders:
- Added some world-space support for seamless root and proximity placement.
9. Updated Unity to the latest release (2019.3.5f1).
10. Updated the vegetation system:
- Updated to Unity 2019.3's API.
11. Added animations for the Sword & Shield and Dual Pistol power sets:
- Removed old locomotion animations.
- Added new locomotion animations.
12. Added new textures and materials for the AEGIS armors set V2.
13. Added new archery visual effects.
14. Added new muzzle flash visual effects.
15. Added new Skyeline building architecture.
16. Merged the web design server content for consolidation reasons.
17. Added new outfit concept art references.
18. Added new Asgard concept art references.
19. Updated the AreaMorpheus scene:
- Added more elements for testing.
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3 years 4 months ago
Internal Updates:

1. Updated the ChatSubWindow prefab:
- Updated components.
2. Updated the MacroEditor prefab:
- Updated components.
- Added new editor component.
3. Updated the AreaMorpheus scene:
- Added new doors for testing traveling between zones.
- Added more crafting platforms.
4. Updated the project to the latest Unity release (2019.3.7f1).
5. Added new concept art references for the moon base:
- Added moon base building models.
6. Added new building art for Iron Valley:
- Added new securitly walls and a massive entrace checkpoint.
8. Added new concept art references for Skyeline props:
- Updated the base character idea animation.
9. Update the custom deferred rendering shader:
- Increased the framerate consistency by a massive margin.
10. Updated the distortion and auto-light shaders:
- Updated to perform better with the new custom deferred light model.
11. Updated the universal-character-controller animator controller:
- Improved various transitions.
- Added new combat animation motions.
12. Updated the uber shader of the mesh effects shaders:
- Added more effects for more power sets including the new nature and earth effects.
13. Updated all general vfx shaders:
- Improved for better performance under heavy particle usage.
- GPU instanced all materials possible.
14. Removed mobile shaders from third-party solutions.
15. Updated damage effect prefabs for Street Brawling and Super Strength:
- Updated particle shaders.
16. Updated all ground textures:
- Updated to the new 4k global ground resolution standard.
- Added heightmaps for all textures and texture types.
17. Updated the MMOAppearanceCatalogManager script:
- Replaced the old prefab system with the new system in accordance with Unity 2019.3 API changes.
- Updated the handling of AppearanceModules.
18. Removed the old volumetric light emission shader:
- Replaced with the new optimized custom iteration.
19. Updated the ChargenCamText render texture:
- Moved it to the new full character panel.
20. Updated the LoginInterface_V3 prefab:
- Fixed some bugs with the prefabs hierarchy/layout.
21. Updated all camera prefabs:
- Removed the old flare layers and gui layers that are now deprecated by Unity.
22. Updated character attribute spreadsheet values to fix buy with the position of the Titan's primary power benefits:
- Preparsed all content data for client-side quick access.
23. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Performed a massive optimization pass.
- Added new environment elements.
- Added new architecture.
- Updated old architecture.
- Textured more buildings.
- Added more of the new organic road paths.
- Added more of the new terrain chunks.
- Updated mob spawnspot positions.
24. Updated the Loading scene:
- Updated camera settings.
25. Updated the CameraSettingsLoader script:
- Remove references to the Color shader library as we no longer use it; we've moved to Unity's Post Processing Stack V2 completely.
- NOTE: We're also using a few of our own custom effects shaders for image effects now as well.
26. Updated the CursorSetter script:
- Updated code to utilize the new Unity 2019.3 API features.
27. Updated the ChooseSecondaryStyle, EditPowersMenuPanel, EditPowersMenuPanelController, CreateCharMenuData, CreateCharMenuData,. and DeleteButton script:
- Updated some code to fix startup behavior.
- Updated code to utilize the new Unity 2019.3 API features.
28. Updated the ConfigGUI, and Preferences scripts:
- Updated all to reference the new Post-Processing Stack V2 fields.
- Updated code to utilize the new Unity 2019.3 API features.
29. Updated the UITargetDisplayController script:
- Added progressive smoothing of the bars OnDamage().
30. Removed the old placeholder spline system:
- Replaced with our new custom spline system.
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3 years 4 months ago
Internal Updates!

1. Removed the old traffic and pedestrian system:
- Replaced with our new custom solution.
- Updated code to utilize the new Unity 2019.3 API features.
2. Removed the Color image effects library:
- Replaced with our custom library and Unity's Post-Processing Stack V2.
3. Updated the Outline shader:
- Improved performance significantly.
4. Updated the character shader pack:
- Improved skin translucence.
- Updated the hair's sheen algorithm.
- Added more color values for make-up, tattoos, and varying hair colors.
5. Updated the project to the latest Unity release (2019.3.10f1).
6. Added new raytrace audio spatializer:
- Added audio occlusion settings for all ambient noises for realistic internal muffling and distant resonance shifting.
7. Added new effects library.
8. Added new custom terrain shaders for our mesh terrain chunks:
- Added custom vertex painting tools.
- Added shader for up to 5 shading passes in instance arrays.
9. Updated the San Cielo terrain mesh:
- Baked new vertex coloring for the new terrain shading system;
10. Updated the grass topside material:
- Updated to use the new mesh terrain shader.
11. Cleaned up many world textures:
- Deleted those that will likely never be used.
- Added new high-res ground textures.
12. Updated the spline mesh toolset:
- Added new system for receiving sync data from the server for spawning vehicles patterns in sync with the server.
13. Updated the AreaMorpheus scene:
- Added the new test environment.
- Processed all server ddata.
14. Added the new Morpheus_Construct to the San_Cielo directory:
- Added new architecture and roads.
15. Updated the traffic and terrain system:
- Fixed audio playback issues.
- Added disabling solutions to fully dismantle and unload content.
16. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Added more environment chunks.
17. Updated to the latest Unity release (2019.3.10f1).
18. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Added more environment chunks.
- Optimized the road meshes.
19. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Updated road elements.
- Added more buildings.
- Added more terrain chunks.
20. Updated the Projectile script:
- Removed all external vfx references.
- Added a new protected UnityEvent to allow local particle effect behaviors OnTriggerEnter and OnCollisionEnter.
21. Updated both the devconfig and config files:
- Updated starting locations and positions.
22. Added a new Scripts/Particles directory for all visual effects related scripts.
23. Added the new flight animation set.
24. Added the new George Lucas power set animation set.
25. Updated the Burst Compiler package to the latest Unity release.
26. Updated the Jobs package to the latest Unity release.
27. Added the Electricity power set sounds.
28. Updated the spline editor:
- Added method that utilizes the RecalculateNormals() functionality of Unity mesh generation; Fixed the black sidewalk and tangents of the curb bugs.
29. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Refreshed spline elements.
- Added spline path for the floating advertisement aircraft.
30. Completed the importation of all terrain chunks from the contractor repository:
- Combined all chunks into a new terrain_for_optimization mesh.
31. Added new mesh data for vegetation baking.
32. Updated the AreaSanCielo.unity.
- Added the new terrain_for_optimization mesh.
NOTE: This is being optimized now that it has been completely assembled into the game environments and all elements outside of the immediate playable area has been removed until the maps expands.
- Completed the implementation of the new terrain mesh.
- Completed the implementation of all building placement from the contractor repository.
NOTE: The buildings, parking spaces, and lots from these elements still need texturing and polishing to meet the current road updates.
33. Updated the burst compiler to the latest release.
34. Massive character creator code clean up:
- Removed many old fields, methods, and properties form older chargen script.
- Cleaned up code in newer chargen scripts.
- Updated all scripts to the 2019.3 API where required.
35. Updated the Appearance Catalogu and Module manager scripts:
- Removed script symbol references for pre-2018.3 prefab management; we're not going backwards, and all games using the tech is beyond that release.
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3 years 3 months ago
Internal Updates:

1. Updated the Skill-Type script:
- Removed that odd null ref check before the switch statement because the method is never executed if the skill value is null.
- Updated the PHP script of the processing tool to automate the check out during processing as well.
2. Updated the lip-syncing system:
- Added dead animation for closing of the eyes and removed the setting that was based on the facial animation system so that the facial animation components can be fully removed when the player and the NPC are not in conversation, the NPC is a mob, or the characters is a dead player.
3. Updated the water shader.
4. Added new Scythe animations.
5. Added concept art references for Skyeline vehicles.
6. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Added more roads to the road network.
- Cleaned up terrain chunks.
- Added the updated water shader materials.
- Updated vertex shading for the streams and ocean.
- Added new event logic for the AEGIS advertising billboard as well as various world broadcasting events.
- Added new event messages for "that" event that's planned to happen soon.
7. Updated all Aura effects:
- Updated all prefabs.
- Added new Aura for Blue Joule.
NOTE: This one may be a bit too intense for players as it's coded to chain to various "electric" node, making it highly distracting if multiple people were to use it in close proximity.
- Updated all shaders for single instance render processing.
8. Updated the water shader system:
- Fixed physics-related registration when creating water volumes on non-Unity Terrain elements.
9. Added new volumetric explosions effects:
- Removed the old 2D billboard explosions.
10. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Updated the road network parent.
- Added more road elements.
- Added more terrain elements.
- Updated the river flow to smooth its flow into the ocean.
- Fixed a few buildings and their placement.
- Updated the terrain mesh.
11. Updated the mesh terrain data file.
12. Added the bird and fish AI behavior.
13. Completed the implementation of the server synced elevator and train systems.
14. Remove many core shaders that we're no longer using.
15. Updated the hair material modules to use the new hair shader.
16. Deleted old particle effects that have been replaced.
17. Updated many world materials to use the new optimized core shader.
18. Updated the world mesh terrain data file:
- Accounts for the new combined mesh terrain model.
19. Updated the vegetation data file:
- Added new terrain biome volume to the baked asset data.
20. Updated the main camera prefab:
- Added planar reflection handling for the water shader.
- Added trigger for transitioning to the underwater water volume.
- Added water volume mask manager to allow the camera to determine the degree of partial submersion in when the camera is below the water plane for proper rendering of the underwater visual effects.
21. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Cleaned up many geometric elements.
- Updated building placement.
- Added more organic road elements.
- Added more organic terrain elements.
- Updated all building billboard elements to utilize the new hologram shader.
- Rebuilt occlusion culling data.
- Rebuilt vegetation biome data.
- Updated water volume position.
- Added bird paths.
- Added fish paths.
- Updated vehicle paths to utilize the new road routes.
- Added aerial vehicle paths.
- Added event spawns for aerial vehicle events like the shipping freighter travel event from Skyeline's industrial area to the Harbor View ports.
- Removed some older placeholder buildings.
22. Updated the interior generators PlayerCollider2D script:
- Updated references that used collider as a variable name as that's not allowed since a keyword has the same name.
23. Updated the water shader:
- Removed the old river tool and shader and added a new custom shader for handling water flow with vertex coloring.
24. Updated the Skyeline water mesh:
- Added water volume.
- Removed manual tessellation and wave manipulation.
NOTE: The performance hit from this was a bit exaggerated and since it's not affecting boat physics right now, it isn't necessary, but maybe in the future?
- Updated the caustics projection distance so that they aren't being projected when the player is far away.
25. Optimized nearly all shaders:
- Localized all shader variants with variables that are not manipulated at runtime.
26. Removed many shaders that are no longer used.
27. Updated many materials:
- Added new shaders to replace those that were removed during the shader purge.
28. Added new parking road piece.
29. Updated the AreaMorpheus scene:
- Updated test NPC and mission item positions.
30. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Added more roads segments.
- Added more terrain chunks.
- Updated biome dimensions for the beach and city.
- Updated building geometry.
- Optimized building geometry.
- Combined terrain chunks for finalization.
- Updated mesh terrain physics component.
- Finalized some road elements.
- Updated road props.
- Added many interactors including benches, vending machines, and restaurant elements.
NOTE: Dispensing interactors like vending machines and the oven in the restaurant vend role-playing elements that only show animations and particle effects.
- Updated bird paths to avoid adding dynamic collision checks for traveling birds.
- Added bird landing positions.
- Updated vehicle and pedestrian paths.
31. Updated the organic shaders:
- Added make-up/paint masks for skin.
- Added translucent skin color to complete the skin color modding design.
32. Updated pedestrian and vehicle reaction systems:
- Implemented scare zones for some character attacks that cause vehicles and pedestrians to move away from that area with aggressive behavior.
33. Added many concept art references.
34. Added XP to level 50 in LevelData.csv.
35. Updated ArchetypeAssign.xlsx to reflect "-" naming convention and added symbols for reference.
36. Updated the ocean mesh:
- Added sub-materials for the surface and volume definition.
37. Updated many world materials:
- Removed redundant materials with similar appearances.
- Replaced the removed materials with those most similar is appearance.
38. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Fixed bugs reported by QA.
- Added more road segments.
- Updated terrain mesh; further optimized the combined mesh.
- Updated the entire San Cielo terrain landscape mesh; scaled the overview map along with it to accurate 1:1 real-life world scaling.
- Updated the terrain mesh data matrix; processed vegetation data.
NOTE: This needs to be optimized for real-time.
- Updated beachfront and city-area biome masks.
- Updated lots and parking platforms.
39. Updated ocean shader material:
- Updated depth falloff.
40. Updated the main camera prefab:
- Added trigger for underwater rendering enabling and disabling.
41. Added underwater breathing particles:
- Setup script for disabling when character customization option Water-Breathing is enabled.
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3 years 2 months ago
Internal Updates:

1. Updated all Unity core package to the latest releases.
2. Updated the project to the latest Unity release (2019.3.14f1).
3. Updated the server configuration files:
- Updated physics server timeout settings for dev testing to prevent puppeteer loading hang-ups.
NOTE: This will be disabled once the physic servers instance are back online.
- Updated the local server instances to still look towards the webserver for authentication while creating character data on local machines for testing.
4. Updated the leveldata JSON file:
- Added up to level 50 in leveling.
NOTE: Shout out to the player that grinded up to level 20 and couldn't go any further but kept trying!
5. Removed xls spreadsheets and moved to xlsx.
6. Added new visual effects for more power sets:
- Fixed all broken visual effects.
- Added new components to some visual effects to instance dynamic physics handling.
7. Added new weapons models and customization for future implementation.
NOTE: All NPC weapon prefabs have been updated to remove and replace earlier placeholder weapons.
8. Updated the generic humanoid character controller animator controller:
- Added more unique handling of the draw and holster animations process.
NOTE: This will add better functionality for the upcoming weapon override overhaul that's coming.
9. Updated the universal character controller animator controller:
- Added new animation states for swimming.
- Updated the flight animation flow process; polished transitions.
- Fixed bugs with attack animations.
- Fixed bug that compromised the transitions of flight to swimming.
- Added new motion states for the new simplified animation mode manager.
10. Updated the RFX1_CustomMaterialInspectorParticle and RFX4_CustomMaterialInspectorParticle scripts:
- Removed code that procedurally added keywords for real-time effect sorting, alpha, and position-matrix rendering.
- NOTE: This fixed the bug preventing us from building the latest build.
11. Updated the lots.roads, and terrain optimization meshes.
12. Updated many environment and terrain materials.
13. Added new road elements for the road tool:
- Updated the old elements to include pre-optimized meshes so that we no longer have to clean up the road elements after road and intersection implementation.
14. Updated the MUSE and fire hydrant prefabs:
- Added water shader materials to the visible water elements of these prefabs.
15. Updated the seat entity objects:
- Removed stop-movement colliders as all benches and chairs now have their own colliders and failure to move the player into the seat position will result in an error; this will make us aware of when the seat object's collider is preventing the player from reaching the sit-point.
16. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Updated terrain mesh.
- Added new terrain mesh chunks.
- Added new road mesh chunks.
- Updated all seat entity elements and sitting-objects.
- Processed all static-entities to server data files.
- Updated all area biomes.
17. Updated the main camera prefab:
- Added mask script for overwater and underwater rendering.
- Removed some colliders in favor of new script updates for raycast collision; resolves issues where the kinematic setting of the rigidbody would delay long enough on start to let the camera fall enough to go through objects on startup never allowing it to be recovered.
18. Updated the StaticEntity script:
- Added initial configurations for the startup state on the server.
- Set the game object to spawn in the main scene thread with no parent for server security and validation reasons.
19. Added the player housing condos.
20. Added the solar panel textures and materials for the new road updates.
21. Updated the prototype scene:
- Added the processed and chunked map for manipulation.
22. Added chunked terrain meshes.
23. Updated to the latest Unity release.
24. Updated many visual effects prefabs:
- Updated max particle count.
25. Updated many particle scripts:
- Added working around for a current memory leak with access colliding particles.
26. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Updated the road network to fix a few obvious and detrimental holes and cracks in intersections.
27. Updated to the latest Unity release.
28. Optimized the mesh visual effects shaders:
- Utilized the new particle render system.
- Converted all shaders that are not a part of the particle coloring system to be of the Shader_Keyword_Local.
29. Updated all general visual effects shaders and nearly all visual effects prefabs:
- Utilized the new particle render system.
- Converted all shaders that are not a part of the particle coloring system to be of the Shader_Keyword_Local.
- Updated the prefab settings and added new instancing components for GPU handling of particle rendering based on PC specs.
30. Updated all of the custom mesh splat blend shaders:
- Optimized the handling of the texture2D samples.
- Converted all shaders to be of the Shader_Keyword_Local.
NOTE: No elements of these shaders will be edited at runtime.
31. Updated to the latest Unity release.
32. Updated project to point to the live server for final source testing before the patch.
33. Created a very basic icon created for processing customization to proper reference icons.
NOTE: I'll figure out some method of automating the handling of this into the appearance stripping process eventually, but for now we manually handle it
34. Added scriptable object manager for the icon genera.
NOTE: This allows us to add configuration for various properties for rapid manually processing and for future automation.
35. Updated all vehicle test scenes:
- Configured every vehicle for entry/exit, and added the reaction volume for triggering the flee/danger state.
NOTE: This still needs a bit of work so this can still create undesired traffic behavior.
36. Updated all Unity source packages to their latest release:
- Updated some scripts to utilizes new elements of the jobs system.
37 Updated the project to the latest Unity release.
38. Updated the launcher version:
- Updated the version text files for the Windows, Mac, and Linux launcher versions.
NOTE: The Mac and Linux launchers will be ready for Dev QA testing soon!
39. Updated the launcher project to the latest Unity release.
40. Updated the LauncherWindow, PlayerPrefEx, Launcher, and Launcher_Win scripts:
- Updated to the latest API updates the UnityWebRequest field type; updated some logic in those regards.
- Updated how chunks are observes to potentially resolve issues where the launcher thought that a chunk was complete due to the download ending before UnityConnectionSetting method report a timeout; this led to the launcher thinking the download completed clean and not by way of crash.
41. Updated the LauncherSetting, guiFolderSelect, and guiLauncherMain scripts:
- Updated the handling of the ProcessCommandLine class as it did not work do to the counteractive nature of our anti-hack compile methods.
- Created a temporary workaround as Unity has reported their internal implementation is incoming.
42. Updated the LauncherGUI prefab:
- Updated many fields and configuration in accordance with script changes.
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3 years 1 month ago
Internal Updates:

1. Updated the road materials to match the scaling values of the new road elements.
2. Added new textures and materials for the new road updates.
3. Updated the road tools:
- Fixed a few bugs.
4. Added new road mesh elements:
- Added road modules for various parking lot styles.
- Deleted old modules no longer used.
5. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Added new road network.
- Added updated mob positioning.
- Added new mobs around the starting test area.
- Added interactors for testing.
6. Updated the universal-character-controller animator controller:
- Added new power set animations.
- Added new chairstand motion field; added transitions.
7. Updated the energy orb weapon effect:
- Fixed missing meshes and materials.
8. Updated the NameSake Media building:
- Optimized mesh.
- Added water volume.
9. Updated all road intersection prefabs:
- Added proper static values.
- Updated sidewalk meshes.
10. Updated the HUDCanvas prefab:
- Finished the implementation of the unset button for interacting with modal interactors that lock the player in-place; this includes chairs.
11. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Rebuilt NavMesh.
- Rebuilt Occlusion Culling.
- Updated the mesh terrain data file.
- Finished all explorable roads for the current test area.
- Updated the persistent vegetation data file.
- Imported more of the organic terrain chunks.
NOTE: QA make a note that the new finalized road elements compromised the continuity of the original terrain chunks and the we are updating the chunks to compensate for sidewalk modifications.
- Added all mob, interactor, and transition spawnpoints to the map in preparation for the upcoming release!
12. Updated the HumanoidAppearanceConfig added new animation states:
- Added animation transition handling for the chairstand animator motion.
13. Updated the AnimationMode script:
- Added the new animation states.
14. Added new curved road type prefab.
15. Updated the Chair Idle, Chair Sit, and Chair Stand animations:
- Updated meta to change orientation values.
16. Updated the universal-character-controller animator controller:
- Improved the sit animation transitions.
17. Updated many environment textures.
18. Updated the main camera prefab:
- Added the skin shader which handles the shading of the skin and eyes on the character when in-game fixed the weird character skin and eye shading.
19. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Completed more polish on the road networks.
- Added more of the refined terrain chunks.
- Enabled the traffic system.
- Added new bird landing positions.
- Rebuilt the navigation mesh.
- Rebuilt the occlusion culling.
- Cleaned up various elements of the scene hierarchy.
20. Updated the LandingSpotController script:
- Configured the script to procedurally choose landing locations nearest to the birds flock for landing.
- Added system for dynamically determining while various birds from a flock will land.
21. Updated the UISettings scripts:
- Added improved handling of the unsit button method.
22. Updated the AnimationMode script:
- Added improved handling of the interfacing of the UISettings script's unsit method.
23. Updated the traffic system's BasicDefines script:
- Updated the dir location of the new traffic elements.
24. Added new road tunnel model.
25. Added new test vehicles:
- Added basic prefabs.
26. Updated the character customizatoin test environment.
27. Updated the many terrain textures:
- Manually combined some channels.
28. Added new traffic materials.
29. Deleted the old audio mixer:
- Added the new mixer with more values and setting options.
30. Updated all intersection prefabs:
- Added lights, car controller triggers, and components for advanced AI controls.
31. Updated the main camera prefab:
- Added the new raytrace audio listener component.
32. Updated the Manager prefab:
- Added the new testing components for the raytrace audio system.
33. Updated traffic vehicle prefabs.
34. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Massive environment art update.
- Updated tons of materials, textures, and geometry.
35. Updated bird and ambient creature AI:
- Improved some behavior performance.
36. Updated the traffic light system:
- Added new fake light shader to fake light rendering with additive decals.
37. Updated the traffic light scripts:
- Completed multi-material handling to complete general functionality of traffic light management.
38. Added new sound effects for many vehicle types.

The Server Updates:
1. Updated the AnimationMode script
- Synced data with the client AnimationMode script
2. Built server binaries
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3 years 1 month ago
Internal Updates:

1. Updated the backcomponent appearance modules:
- Added capes back into the game with updates physics.
- Added all original patterns.
*NOTE: These are now accessible from the "P" icon.
- Added the new PlayNYC cape pattern.
2. Updated the base-m and base-f entity prefab:
- Updated physics handling for capes.
3. Updated nearly all power set visual effects prefab:
- Fixed many material and shader issues.
- Optimized most for better performance.
- Added new optimized shaders.
4. Updated the HUDCanvas prefab:
- Updated many window settings.
5. Updated the NetworkManagerLocal and NetworkManagerServerside prefabs:
- Updated version number.
- Updated some settings.
6. Updated the BuiltinAppearances prefab:
- Reprocessed all appearancematerials with a validation check to ensure that all exist on the client and server.
*NOTE: This should theoretically resolve the white-box issue
7. Updated the CharacterChoice scriptable object:
- Added new privileges for items for donator ranks.
8. Preparsed the CombatXP scriptable object:
- Added Jax's latest XP configuration.
9. Updated traffic vehicle prefabs:
- Setup all land vehicles to use the new vehicle system.
- Updated collision and audio management elements on all vehicles.
10. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Updated and optimized the terrain mesh and cleaned up the vertex combines:
- Rebuilt lightmaps.
- Updated building physics.
- Added the player housing arcology.
- Baked foliage data.
11. Updated the PlayAnim script:
- Fixed animator layer.
12. Updated the UITextDisplay script:
- Commented out the handling of tag position as this needs to be rewritten as the new API for TexGen's dimensions aren't handled the same anymore.
*NOTE: This fixed the chat display error
13. Updated the UICharacterChoices script:
- Prevented the privileges from being cleared every time the parsing of the JSON is handled.
14. Updated the KeypressManager script:
- Updated "Hobar" to be Hotbar because potential backlash.
15. Updated the CarTrafficVehicle script:
- Prevented the cars collision check handling from looking to see if the car was built with the one-click car tool and only checks for the vehicle layer to car the braking behavior.
*NOTE: This fixes a bug that was making all vehicles error when another vehicle was in their impact range
16. Added new particle collection for various weapons.
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3 years 1 month ago
Internal Updates:

1. Updated the base perpetrator prefab:
- Updated their character prefab to use the new universal character animator controller v2.
2. Removed 5 of the fire bombs form the FireBomb mission because people complained about the run-around in the alpha, and wanted to clean it up for the beta.
3. Updated the fire bombs and lab equipment prefabs:
- Moved all mesh related elements to be children so that the parent has a single loan collider for interaction.
- Added the new HideChildInteractor script.
4. Updated many animations:
- Added hooks for various network behaviors.
- Updated root behaviors.
5. Added the universal character animator v2:
*NOTE: Just making some changes to the logic of the animator based on my current knowledge of transitions and how to properly utilize them.
- Update many motions and transitions.
- Added new motion states and parameters.
- Updated the logic for stun-type animations and their recover transitions.
6. Updated the female and male base character prefabs:
- Added the new universal character animator controller v2 to their animators.
- Added new physics manager for capes.
7. Updated all melee combat effects:
- Added new melee sounds.
8. Updated the HUDCanvas prefab:
- Updated many UI elements.
- Cleaned up the UI hierarchy.
- Added new audio source for handling by the SoundEffectManager component.
- Remove the old SoundPlayer system; updated all affected scripts to use the new SoundEffectManager script.
9. Updated the Managers prefab:
- Added more sound effects to the SoundEffectsManager array.
10. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Updated the terrain mesh.
- Combined more road elements.
- Updated the lots and terrain meshes.
- Rebuilt the terrain mesh file for persistent vegetation.
- Added NPCs, mobs, quest waypoints, hotspots, and static entities back to the map in preparation for the post-network test launch.
11. Preparsed all network data.
12. Updated the AreaMorpheus scene:
- Added all test content for finalization and polish.
13. Updated the HumanoidAppearanceConfig script:
- Updated animation mode data.
- Cleaned up weapon/hand management.
- Added new checks for handling multi-weapon swapping.
14. Updated the FollowTarget script:
- Updated the main thread handling.
15. Updated the GorgonCamera script:
- Updated the logic used to assign the FollowTarget script; the eyelevel now follows the players head always instead of an offset of their character-root.
16. Updated the HideSelfInteractor script:
- Added logic for disabling waypoint indicators OnHideInteractor() event.
17. Updated the QuestGUI script:
- Updated waypoint update methods for external calls.
18. Updated the UITooltip script:
- Removed the int type-casting and setup decimal point rendering for text as we use those for MOD values.
19. Updated the UIQuestController script:
- Updated the instance reference.
20. Updated the Project to the latest Unity release 2019.4.8f1.
21. Updated tons of server data including NPC logic, mob logic, mob spawns, hotspot, static entities, and character data/stats:
- NOTE: This will signal a wipe for the upcoming patch.
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3 years 1 month ago
Internal Updates:

1. Updated all base character prefab:
- Added new mount points.
- Added eye position objects.
- Fixed up general issues.
2. Updated all actual animations:
- Added new hook for determining when in-combat is set.
*NOTE: This should fix that weird bug that traps the player inside the draw or holster weapon pattern.
- Added name new hooks to the new animations being used by a few different power sets.
3. Updated the base character controller v2:
- Fixed many animations transitions.
- Added new animations to replace old placeholders.
- Cleaned up the motion layout a bit more.
4. Updated all weapons:
- Fixed general issues.
- Updated materials and shaders.
5. Updated all particles:
- Fixed general issues.
- Updated materials and shaders.
- Cleaned up hierarchies.
- Added new visual effect particles to some.
- Added our custom sounds and removed old placeholders.
6. Updated all NetworkManager type prefabs:
- Updated to latest release version.
7. Updated the BuiltInAppearances prefab:
- Process all character creator elements.
- Updated all particles, weapons, and templates.
8. Updated the Managers prefab:
- Added new sounds to the SoundEffectManager component.
9. Preparsed all game data.
10. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Re-enabled all mobs.
- Re-enabled some NPC and their missions or mission objects.
- Rebuilt lightmaps.
- Rebuilt occlusion data.
- Rebuilt navigation data.
- Fixed terrain issues.
- Added proper water volumes to all water sources.
- Added the player housing complex for testing.
- Updated world collision.
- Updated some building layers to be on the proper layer for collision with the player layer.
11. Updated many spreadsheet:
- Added ability references.
- Added effect references.
- Updated effect status settings.
- Updated enhancement variables and types.
- Processed all data to network files.
12. Added new placeholder sound effects for the UI.

The Build Updates:
1. Updated the Windows build to the latest live release.
2. Updated the AreaSanCielo physics build.

The Server Updates:
1. Updated the base In_-Combat values to be 0; NOTE: They draw solely from the Player or Combatant Advancement spreadsheets.
2. Updated the server binaries.
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2 years 10 months ago
Internal Updates:

1. Updated the AreaSanCielo mob spawn cap.
2. Updated the MeshTerrain data.
3. Updated the audio occlusion settings on the camera prefab.
4. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Added more mobs.
- Cleaned up a few areas.
5. Processed all updates to server data.
6. Updated to the latest build.
7. Huge update to the cloth physics system:
- Updated to the latest burst compiler; fixed many issues causing mass cloth physics to dramatically underperform.
*NOTE: Brought capes back with the new system
8. Updated all weapon prefab objects:
- Fixed various issues with spawn and mount settings.
9. Added new water volumes for all of Skyeline's water elements.
10. Updated all foliage prefabs:
- Optimized behaviors for the vegetation system.
- Removed some elements not specifically needed for Valiance.
11. Added new biome content:
*NOTE: Will start building the Chaparral biome this week.
12. Updated many environment art materials and textures:
- Updated environment art prefabs with optimized materials.
13. Updated the Valor Administration Building model:
- Separated and optimized the interior volume to work with the dynamic loading systems.
14. Deleted many old placeholder environment and prop art:
- Updated those that were replaced with new prefabs.
15.Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Updated the beach and city biome to remove all solid mesh props like rocks and debris; moved those elements over to use the new optimized world-space shaders to drastically improve foliage and grass load performance.
- Updated the persistent vegetation file to reflect changes to the biome files.
- Updated many building and prop components.
- Deleted environment props that are no longer necessary and replaced those that were placeholders with new final art.
- Updated the terrain mesh and water volume meshes.
16. Updated many scripts to improve performance, improve formatting, and to create a proper design framework for future development.
17. Updated the UITipBox_Food script:
- Updated tutorial text.
18. Added new sound effects for the Nano Control power set.
19. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Updated the light profile.
- Updated the skybox profile.
- Added the new cloud system.
- Updated many buildings to add optimized collision.
- Updated many texture to lighter compression versions.
- Updated the handling of the night triggers and configured night lighting parameters; NOTE: This still needs a bit of work for performance, but handles turning on night lighting for lamps and vehicles lights.
- Updated the biome settings and removed old placeholder rock elements; replaced with new values.
- Added new horizon-based fog coloring shader.
20. Updated the fog depth shader to include horizon-based color multiplication.
21. Updated the terrain mesh data:
- Updated the terrain mesh and processed the new terrain matrix data.
22. Updated all base Unity packages to their latest releases.
23. Updated to the latest release of Unity 2019 (2019.4.13f1).
24. Updated the ProjectSettings asset file:
- Updated many settings to further optimize performance.
25. Added Asgard concept art and references.
26. Added new art for various Skyeline props.
27. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Updated the road network.
- Cleaned up hierarchy.
- Updated prop organization.
- Added new road props.
28. Updated the AutoLight script:
- Updated some methods to optimize performance a bit.
*NOTE: This will need a full rewrite to start to perform properly for the open-world pass currently in development.
29. Added new prop art for Skyeline Center.
30. Updated the road models collection:
- Optimized all sidewalk elements.
- Updated material UV mapping.
- Removed material usage.
31. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Updated many materials.
- Updated many buildings.
- Updated environment prefabs.
- Regenerated road network to use the new optimized road elements.
32. Updated all sidewalk prefab:
- Updated material usage.
- Updated meshes.
33. Updated to the latest Unity 2019.4 release (2019.4.14f1).
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2 years 6 months ago
Internal Updates:

1. Added new biome art:
- Deleted old biome art.
2. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Started integrating the new chaparral biome art.
- Combined and optimized many road segments.
3. Updated to the latest Unity 2019 release (2019.4.17f1).
4. Updated all Unity packages to their latest releases.
5. Added more Asgard concept art.
6. Added the last of the San Cielo biome art:
- Updated shaders on some elements to use less texture samplers.
- Added instanced indirect shading to all others.
7. Deleted the old post processing effects shaders:
- Added updated shaders.
- Moved all core shaders to the Scripts\Core\Shaders\ directory and all modular shaders to the Scripts\Modules\Shaders\ as part of the SHOGN Active Framework standardization.
- Added many new billboard and logo shaders for world signage.
- Updated all character shaders in preparation to the move to Unity's URP platform.
8. Updated the sky shading system:
- Transitioned to the new simplified version of the shader; removed all expensive elements.
- Added new customized shading behaviors for clouds and a dynamic star field sphere to remove processing of star data.
9. Updated the water shader:
- Added depth tiling mask to resolve issue with camera frustum render mask issues while below water.
- Improved surface edge performance.
10. Added new Time Manipulation vfx collection:
- Added placeholder sounds.
11. Updated the traffic system:
- MASSIVE optimization pass to the handling of distant vehicles and pedestrians; updated to use threaded architecture and physics.
- Full rewrite of the audio handling for traffic vehicles and pedestrian groups.
- Added new "Special" and "Interactive" points to pedestrian pathing allowing pedestrians to move to Special points to trigger unique poses or stances and to Interactive points for object interaction.
- Added the first iteration of dynamic aerial vehicle spline pathing.
*NOTE: Will be adding various aerial vehicles and procedural routes specific to their purpose soon.
12. Added new vehicle engine sound system:
- Added various sound collections for various engine types.
- Replaced all vehicle audio prefabs with new vehicle engine sound prefabs.
13. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Updated terrain data.
- Updated biome data.
- Updated mesh data.
- Updated biome masks and biome mask areas.
- Updated terrain textures.
- Cleaned up some environment hierarchy fields.
- Added new mob spawn points.
- Added new environment architecture.
14. HUGE update to the SHOGN Active Framework:
- Continued the process of consolidating code into the framework directory.
- Removed the old dialogue system.
15. Added new implementation of the Audio Manager into the dialogue system:
- Added the ability to script audio playback and lipsyncing into the dialogue process.
*NOTE: Dialgoue cutscene implementation is next on the list!!
16. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Updated the vegetation manager to implement new biome updates.
- Updated more buildings and laid out the placement of the SkyeRail system.
17. Updated the project to the latest release of Unity 2019 (2019.4.18f1).
18. Updated foliage shader:
- Merged shader performance with the new wind system for optimizations.
19. Updated all shaders in the shader pipeline:
- Removed all warnings clearing up all macro redefines.
- Updated a few shaders to resolve divisible by 0 float errors.
20. Massive clean-up of the Art/Locations/Earth directory:
- Cleaned up and sorted all architecture elements of the Skyeline_Centre directory.
- Moved all unsorted elements to their respective realms, planets, and locations.
21. Updated the Skyerail art:
- Updated all prefabs to use the new decal manager.
- Removed old placeholder decals.
- Added the new shuttle vehicles.
- Added the new rail ports.
22. Updated the lipsync manager:
- Completed the implementation of the lipsyncing behavior for dialog interactors.
23. Added the new Audio Events Manager:
- Added profile values to trigger emote animations for gestures during NPC dialog.
24. Updated the sector loading/unloading system:
- Updated async behaviors to use proper multithreading.
25. Updated the Vegetation Manager:
- Added some dramatic changes to viewspace handling of unbaked vegetation.
- Disabled rock formations from spawning dynamically.
*NOTE: The collision behavior just wasn't performing reasonably enough and accounting for the rocks' bounds just didn't make real-time procedural generation work with sidewalks and building bounds.
26. Added the new SkyeWay aerial walkway art:
- Added profile for path generation.
27. Updated all Unity core package to their latest verified releases.
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1 year 11 months ago
Internal Updates:

1. Added new art for the Skyeline airport.
2. Added new art for the Prisma Hotel.
3. Added new art for the Skyeline residential living area.
4. Updated the vegetation system:
- Resolved memory leak.
- Updated the handling of the culling management system so that billboard trees now properly cull when outside of the camera frustum.
5. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Updated the persistent vegetation data.
- Updated the biome data.
- Added new chaparral biome rocks and shrubs; removed older placeholder shrubs and weeds.
6. Added new biome shrub elements.
7. Updated the road materials.
8. Generated atlas for all vegetations:
- Integrated into the new instanced vegetation material system.
9. Updated the road network system and tool set:
- Added many new features and cleaned up some code.
- Updated prefabs to include new component from the road system update.
10. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Updated the road network prefab and merged many road elements.
- Disabled light probes on road elements and many buildings; updated non-interiors to not include light probes unless they're near rect lighting volumes.
- Updated the terrain materials to use the new splat paint shader.
- Updated texturing on many buildings and added signs for all named buildings and buildings that will have interior content.
- Rebaked interior and exterior building lightmaps for those buildings with interior content and exterior lighting.
- Updated the biome settings to improve billboard handling, cell loading blocks, and added new foliage/vegetation.
- Add new terrain texturing using the new splat shader.
- Updated the ambient light setting to flatten out the lighting now that the fog shading is proper.
- Updated the post-processing profile to add the new fog shader rewrite.
- Added new pre-calculated volumetric light and removed the older, more costly version.
11. Added new rewrite of the fog shader:
- Fog now includes multiplicative horizon-based lighting into it's overall calculation; this fixes issues with the distant terrain fog shading in the California Mountains regions of the map.
*NOTE: We'll be bringing the distant terrain from the other world map into the main scene now that this is resolved.
12. Updated the water shader:
- Reduce the quality of most of the advanced features to improve performance.
*NOTE: Moved many of these settings to the options menu so players can still choose to use them, but some where just overkill so they're permanently reduced.
13. Updated all Unity packages to their latest verified release.
14. Added new Asgard concept art.
15. Massive shader rewrite:
- Rewrote a small portion of nearly all shaders to improve performance and to consolidate local variables.
*NOTE: Saw a 25% increase in overall game render thread performance.
16. Massive Art directory clean-up:
- Imported nearly all new Skyeline buildings and interiors.
- Deleted all placeholder buildings and props.
- Sorted some directories into more fitting locations.
- Added the new optimized buildings with their associative proximity meshes.
*NOTE: We'll patch these into the game in a following patch as we add the proximity meshes for Jax's overworld design, so that players can see the open-world renders of this nearby district.
- Added all proximity meshes for Skyeline buildings that have been complete.
*NOTE: These will now be loaded in for distant buildings on startup as the actual buildings are being fed into the loader and should resolved issues that players had with load-in lag.
17. Added new role-play animations for bartending, cooking, and cleaning.
18. Updated all rock prefabs to include the new vegetation mask volumes to prevent vegetation spawning within the confines of the mesh once it's grounded.
19. Updated the persistent vegetation data.
20. Updated the Startup_UI prefab:
- Updated a few elements to fix some behavioral issues.
21. Updated the audio occlusion script:
- Updated the way the component image projector renders because for some reason it was passing this data into the worldspace water puddles shader pass.
*NOTE: Sent bug report to Unity, but implemented workaround in the meantime.
22. Updated the AreaMorpheus scene:
- Added more NPCs, mobs, and items to test.
23. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Implemented the new billboard dithering implementation and distance blend factor so that we're able to heavily reduce the rendering congestion caused by vegetation rendering.
- Updated all rock formations.
- Updated the terrain shading to use the new parallax negative offset value to resolve the issue where the renderer would divide the camera's far render distance into the calculation creating a highly distorted representation of the height offset when the far draw distance was beyond 20,000 units.
- Added more of the final buildings.
- Updated the scale on some building elements.
- Removed interior components from all enterable buildings as we've moved over to our temporary "interior" pipeline for all buildings to reduce the time consumption of lightmap generation.
*NOTE: I've covered this in the upcoming news post(TBA), but this will allow the art contractors to focus primarily on exteriors and overworld development and we'll generate interiors so that content implementation isn't stalled due to their continued work on buildings geometry and texturing.
24. Added new Harbor View art.
*NOTE: The proximity meshes for the buildings aren't complete yet, so for now these will only load when internal testers are near the 'Harbor View' playable area and will look a bit jarring but this is not a bug.
25. Added many new vegetation elements for the Chaparral biome.
26. Added the new Windows build to the Builds directory.
27. Updated the water volumes prefab:
- Removed one section as it wasn't deep enough to merit the cost of a volume's processing; replaced with the InWater script functionality so that players' movement is still slowed while they're collider's bounds box is below the plane.
28. Removed many place holder building and prop files.
29. Updated the road collection fbx file:
- Split the left and right sidewalk elements into two separate side objects.
- Added new highway ramps.
- Added new 6-lane road pieces and transitions to it from 1-land, 2-land, and 4-lane roads.
30. Updated all of the biome rock prefab:
- Updated the vegetation mask bounds to target the terrain layer so that there is no chance that the volume could penetrate through the terrain it's closest to.
31. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Fixed up holes in the terrain.
- Updated building lots and parking spaces.
- Updated the the vegetation manager to utilized new functionality added.
- Updated the terrain mesh data.
- Updated the road network to process the separate of sidewalks into unique side objects.
- Updated the placement of some buildings.
- Updated the terrain's mesh data for vegetation rendering.
- Updated the chaparral biome assets to make cacti objects instead of trees so that they don't drain resources rendering with the tree billboard distancing system.
32. Updated the vegetation system:
- Updated a few shaders for performance.
- Improved distance dithering and unloading.
- Updated cell handling to improve loading when using Super Speed and Flight (at high levels).
33. Updated all Unity packages to the latest verified releases.
34. Updated the global terrain material:
- Updated scaling.
- Added new cliffside rock texture.
35. Updated all building prefabs:
- Updated staticness.
- Cleaned up meshes.
- Added physics.
*NOTE: A few builddings still need proper optimal physics added.
36. Updated the garbage disposal prefabs:
- Added the ability for players to drop items into the trash is it prevents the server from having to start dropped item storage data.
*NOTE: Players will also be able to interact with trash cans to get items out before the server wipes the trashcan's contents; this is just something that will help with server performance in the near future.
37. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Added updated building prefabs.
- Cleaned up the terrain and water meshes.
- Updated some elements of the road network.
- Added building door interactors.
- Added new cliffside textures to the cliffsides of the terrain.
- Updated parallax mapping.
38. Added a new set of shaders with tessellation settings for improving terrain.
39. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Completed the entire sorting of the scene in preparation for the new patch.
- Updated the terrain mesh and processed the mesh terrain data file for vegetation management.
- Updated all buildings.
- Added new vending machine interactors.
- Moved all remaining interiors to the AreaSanCieloInteriors scene.
- Updated all water volumes to utilize the new optimized water volume handler.
- Completely finished the entirety of the Skyeline road network.
- Combined the road and parking lots meshes into a single drawcall.
- Optimized many of the rocks and trees.
- Processed the lightmapping and occlusion culling.
40. Updated all rock prefab:
- Updated the blending shaders.
41. UPdated the AreaSanCieloInteriors scene:
- Processed the lightmapping.
- Updated the loading and unloading manager volumes.
42. Updated all Unity core packages to their latest stable releases.
43. Updated the Config.php script:
- Updated the JSON processing configuration to dump the updated Skill and SkillType scripts to the the new Scripts/Modules/ directory.
44. Updated the scriptable object data directory:
- Moved all data to that location.
45. Updated the MMOPreParser script.
46. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Updated the terrain mesh to fix more separations from the road network.
47. Updated the ArchetypeSelectionFactory script:
- Moved the script to the new modules directory.
48. Updated the SkillType script:
- Moved the script to the new modules directory.
49. Updated the effects data file for the server:
- Added new status effects.
50. Updated the R & G loot system:
- Added values from Jax's latest work on that spreadsheet.
*NOTE: That was long overdue, like ancient almost, but those are in finally.
51. Updated the GenerateSkills php file:
- Updated some old null reference states that have have been resolved through new client code and only existed to project warnings now.
52. Separated the client and server into unique repositories.
53. Updated nearly all of the final buildings prefabs in the government/business district of Skyeline:
- Added custom, optimized physics volumes.
- Optimized vertices count.
- Updated the doors to a fitting height for the tallest player model height.
54. Updated the AreaUnderside scene:
- Updated many building prefabs.
- Merge the road and sidewalk meshes and cleaned up more floating vertices.
- Updated the terrain mesh to account for sidewalk polish.
- Optimized many world elements to combine physics.
55. Added new prop meshes for the various street elements.
56. Added new concept art.
57. Updated the AllowCustomImportAction script:
- Added a layer to always reset build textures whenever a scriptableobject is reimported into a new Unity version.
*NOTE: This will be removed eventually as we'll rebuild those textures.
58. Deleted many old placeholder animations:
- Replaced with recently purchases animations.
59. Updated all SpeedTree vegetation to use the latest versions of their tree types for better performance.
60. Deleted many materials and textures:
- Replaced many of the existing textures and materials with similar materials/textures to continue to bring down the weight of loading and the cost on performance.
61. Deleted many older vegetation elements no longer used in the San Cielo rendition of the Chaparral biome.
62. Updated the package manifest file:
- Updated all Unity packages to their latest functional releases.
63. Added new reference art for Skyeline.
64. Updated the road and spline tools:
- Updated the merging threshold of vertices of side-objects. In our case the sidewalks; this should improve automated clean-up significantly.
65. Added more music from the composer for different regions of the Skyeline.
66. Updated Skyeline building prefabs:
- Added LODs to many of the highly details versions.
- Optimized matters and lowered some texture resolutions for performance improvements.
67. Updated the Skyeline named buildings:
- Reimported the last working versions to fix issues caused by the Unity GUID bug.
68. Massive material and texture meta data update:
- Optimized the materials and textures to improve performance on our lower-end rig.
69. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Updated the road network to clean up some UV and vertex issues.
- Updated the terrain mesh to fix all terrain divides.
- Updated nearly all building meshes to improve physics costs.
- Updated the mesh terrain file.
- Updated the vegetation shader setting to improve performance.
70. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Updated the terrain mesh to fill a hole in the northern area of the map.
- Updated many build prefabs' positions.
71. Massive building and building prefab update:
- Updated building physics.
- Combined building elements.
- Optimized building elements.
- Updated component scaling.
72. Updated the Managers prefab:
- Updated the AreaConfiguration component's settings to reduce animation playback distance and culling.
73. Updated the AreaMorpheus scene:
- Added more testable objects.
74. Updated the AreaSanCielio_Roads scene:
- Merged road elements and set this as the back-up instance of the road network for future updates and road network implementation.
75. Added new billboard art and advertisements for the Skyeline area:
- Added prefab instances.
76. Added new concept art for Asgard.
77. Updated all Skyeline building source files:
- Optimized meshes.
- Cleaned up physics.
- Updated geometry to fill some missing faces.
- Added LOD meshes.
78. Updated all Skyeline building prefab files:
- Added LODManager components.
79. Updated all sidewalk materials.
80. Removed old placeholder voice-overs for testing:
- Added new voice-overs for NPC dialog.
81. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Updated the terrain mesh to fix some sidewalk mating areas.
- Updated the terrain material settings.
- Updated the terrain splat map.
- Smoothed some shoarp edges that were sharp enough to trigger ambient occlusion.
82. Deleted the old Road_Network prefab as the new system doesn't require a prefab and exports to a custom XML file.
83. Updated all Unity core packages to their latest releases.
84. Added new custom road configuration files.
85. Force removed the EasyRoads directory.
86. Updated many building prefabs to fix physics issues from the latest testing pass.
87. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Updated terrain and road meshes to fix issues with layers and physics to fix issues from the latest testing pass.
88. Cleaned up the building directory:
- Sorted buildings based on their classification or purpose.
89. Updated the Skyeline buildings source file:
- Updated the terrain planet elements to separate them for grass and tree rendering.
90. Updated all Skyeline building prefab:
- Updated physics.
- Updated texturing.
- Updated meshes to use the source meshes.
91. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Cleaned up more vegetation and terrain issues.
92. Updated the game launcher:
- Updated old code for deleting builds.
93. Added concept art references.
94. Added the new Launcher directory:
- Added the new launcher build.
95. Deleted the old test launcher directory:
- Deleted the old launcher build.
96. Updated the AreaSanCielo physics build.
97. Added new manifest system to the baselib.dll of the launcher and physics builds.
98. Updated the live internal Windows test build.
99. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene:
- Fixed road network static-ness and layer settings.
- Rebuilt the navigation mesh data.
- Rebuilt the occlusion culling data.
- Rebuilt the lightmapping data.
- Updated water volumes.
- Optimized water reflection layers.
*NOTE: The shading itself is still preforming a bit buggy, but we'll fix that in the next pass.
- Updated the vegetation rendering settings; added a few new terrain blocks and optimized render distance.
- Fixed some road face normals to fix some automated pathing of vehicles.
*NOTE: There are still a few face normals that need to have the meshes brought out to third-party apps for fixing as Unity's tools themselves can't quite fix them, so the area in front of the Prisma Celeste may often show a vehicle spin wildly in a direction before correcting itself. (lol)
- Updated all building lots to separate grass element to merge them with the terrain mesh.
- Cleaned up tons of hierarchical madness to better sort many elements of the scene.
- Merged many objects for drawcall behavior improvements.
100. Updated many building prefabs:
- Updated physics.
- Updated textures.
- Processed editable meshes to be flattened fbx files.
- Updated static-ness and layer settings.
101. Updated all network manager prefabs:
*NOTE: This line is obfuscated for security reasons.
- Updated the launcher and version setting to sync to the server's data.
102. Updated all rock prefabs:
- Updated staticness and layer settings.
103. Updated the main camera prefab:
- Added the spatial audio listener component to convert the current default listener to utilize the new audio occlusion functionality of the AudioSource components.
*NOTE: This still needs a lot of work, but it sounds good.
104. Updated all server data:
- Added NPC and mob spawn data to the server.
105. Updated the launcher project.
106. Updated the AreaSanCielo physics build.
107. Updated the Base-f and Base-m prefabs:
- Updated footsteps to use the new audio source component for better 3D spatialization.
108. Updated the file ignore list to ignore a few Visual Studios components.
109. Updated the base decal shaders:
- Fixed an issue with z-fighting and decal layer overlap sorting.
110. Added the new Car Paint shader:
- Applied to a few of the new traffic vehicles.
*NOTE: A few still haven't been transitioned but those will be finished soon.
111. Updated the Base-f and Base-m character prefabs:
- Removed the customization bones from the prefabs as we're now used the new vertex offset + scale shaders.
*NOTE: This has dramatically reduced the overall performance of mass character rendering.
112. Updated Legacy's material and texture set:
- Added new texture masks to better handle the implementation of the new gravity particle effects and gravity render effect.
113. Added new implementation of the hair aura and effects shaders:
- Added Sagittarius' custom cosmic hair aura effect.
114. Added new celestial and demonic wing set.
115. Added a new AnimatorSyncReceiver script:
- Wing animator parameters now receive identical sync data to their respective player models.
*NOTE: This now allows us to make wings available to the public.
116. Updated nearly all material mask textures:
- Shaders can now discern sRGB texture settings for more crisp edges while color shading grayscale albedo maps.
117. Updated the sci-fi projectile weapon particle effects:
- Removed colored material sets and transitioned to using the new particle coloring system from the character creator.
*NOTE: At the moment these are always the default color as the character generator's settings aren't yet synced with the server but this is coming in the next patch.
- Added many new effects from the effects contractors.
- Cleaned up directories and sorted effects into more accurate directories.
118. Updated all base particle shaders:
- Updated distortion handling for better performance.
- Updated emission and panning versions to sort using the new layering system.
*NOTE: This allows particles to properly render in front or behind player character meshes when in close proximity.
119. Updated the burnout and debris shaders.
*NOTE: These aren't applied to anything in the internal test environment as this is part of the environmental destruction system that the coding department will have in for testing after the upcoming patch.
120. Added new effects volume tech and debris particle meshes for the environmental destruction system.
121. Added new security turrets for the NameSake Media and NameSake Radio properties.
122. Updated the AreaSanCieloFEAJR scene:
- Updated a few of the terrain chunks if the full world map.
- Deleted some floating prototype buildings.
123. Updated the City_Hall prefab:
- Updated the interior teleport entity.
124. Updated all rock prefabs:
- Updated shaders.
- Updated collision volumes to optimize for performance.
125. Updated the Startup _Login_UI prefab:
- Added new Character Generator art elements.
- Updated hierarchy for proper tab key implementation.
- Fixed references to audio sound effects that were broken; fixed bug that didn't allow sound effects to play properly.
126. Updated the Main_Camera prefab:
- Updated the underwater render trigger to be m ore accurate.
- Set the physics to Kinematic so that the camera starts as Kinematic and doesn't have to switch to it after the player character loads in; fixed bug where the camera seemingly started falling once appearing.
127. Updated the AppearanceFactory prefab:
- Added a ton of new character customization elements.
128. Updated the AreaMars scene:
- Updated for internal testing.
- Added to the legitimate teleportation location on the live server.
- Rebaked lighting in the main colonial outpost.
129. Updated the AreaSanCieloInteriors scene:
- Added more interior locations including new lab and warehouse interiors.
- Updated the sector volumes for optimal loading; no interior will load unnecessarily.
*NOTE: This now allows us to make interiors available to the public again.
130. Updated the Startup_Live updated the loading screen settings.
131. Updated the billboard and hologram effects:
- Optimized shading a bit.
132. Updated all core Unity package to their latest releases.
133. Added a ton of concept art and reference art.
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