My name is Frank “Jaximus” Ambrose, and I am the Design Director for Valiance Online. We are ready to share our initial Power Set proliferation and progression for your edification. However, as one can imagine, these design elements are subject to change, so fair warning! Keep in mind, some features are not available in the current pre-alpha build, but keep your eyes open for them in the future updates. Likewise, I welcome community feedback on the systems themselves.


While there is a lot that goes into a game’s combat systems today, I’ll keep it simple while I detail the initial steps of selecting a character combat type and talk a briefly about Power Groups.

As you enter the power selection phase on the character creator, you will be asked to choose between Melee, Ranged or Hybrid.

Melee: This combat style is all about being up close and personal with your opponent, and melee fighters are more durable than ranged characters. Players that choose melee combat will have access to the Damage, Defensive, Control, Team Support, and Unique Defensive Power Groups. If you love being the first into combat, or just in the face of your opponent, this is the set for you!

Ranged: This combat style focuses on starting the fight at a distance and keeping opponents away. This style of character is given tools that assist them in doing this. Players that choose ranged combat will have access to the Damage, Control, Support and Utility Power Groups. If you don’t feel the need to see the whites of your opponent's eyes, then this is your combat style.

Hybrid: This combat style allows the player to mix and match melee and ranged styles. While some choices may lean towards one style or the other, you will have the ability to play in a variety of ways. The options in this combat type will include three types of pet controllers: Leader, Commander and Director. While you can play many roles and have many options, you will still have weaknesses for your opponents to exploit, so don’t think this is an easy way out for your character. If you are a fan of exploiting the weaknesses of your opponent, this will be the class for you.

Under each combat style you will gain access to several Power Groups, or PGs. These are sets of powers that maintain the overall theme and effect of your combat style. You will be able to choose Primary and Secondary PGs. The Primary will unlock faster as you level, while the Secondary is a bit slower. The finer details of leveling and power progression will be addressed in a later systems blog.

When all's said and done, you always want to pick the Power Group that you feel you will enjoy the most as your Primary. Your Primary will always be more effective than your Secondary. For example, if you choose a defensive set as your Primary PG, you will be more durable than a player that picked that as his secondary. Furthermore, your Primary will determine what Secondary options are available to you. For example, if you pick a power set as your Primary PG, you will not be allowed to pick from the same PG for your secondary choice. Instead, there will be other options to pair with the Primary PG to make a well-rounded character.

Toward the end of this series of blog posts, we will talk about what combinations are allowed and the results of your choices, and even how you will make a statement on your team in the world of Valiance Online.

I am looking forward to producing a power system that truly gives you a 'Heroic Combat' feel. From saving a citizen, to stomping an enemy into the ground, you will feel the effects you have on the world. From everyone working on Valiance Online, we look forward to providing the experience you deserve.

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