Developing the Future of the Super Hero MMO
As our team has grown and evolved, so has the game itself. While our core remains the same, we’ve expanded the overall setting and storytelling for a more unified experience in Valiance Online. We want to take this opportunity to share some of the details as we have done public releases in the past. There are many concepts and systems still in development that will be not all be addressed in this announcement, and we can only ask for your continued support as we release more information regarding the game’s content.

Time Period and Theming:
During our days of early development, we have sought to capture the spirit of the games that unified us as a development team. However, as we’ve moved forward, we desired to explore other aspects of the game to not only open our world to new possibilities, but also take the game’s direction into a more unique experience. We want to equivocally state that the game takes place at the beginning of the 22nd century: meaning year 2100 BCE and beyond.

Setting the game in the relatively near future allows us to more deeply explore sci-fi themes and present our interpretation of a futuristic world set after a conflict-filled beginning of the new millennium. However, this is not to say that fantastical elements are being abandoned, rather we want to explore how those things such as magic and the supernatural can be explored in this predominately sci-fi environment.

The Faces of Good and Evil:
Firstly, our signature characters, the valiant Paramount and the manipulative Magistor, have been developed further to be the central signature heroes and villains of the game respectively. While the game’s core story elements are heavily affected by these two individuals and the groups behind them, Valor and Leviathan respectively, there are many other characters you may or may not have seen that we look forward to introducing to you as they are finished. I’m sure they’re just as excited for their debuts as you.

To clarify, we are doing our best to keep your favorite familiar faces from our early days of development with all of the signature characters being updated. The diffusion of innovation has greatly affected key players in the world and many have felt the effects of the readily available tech of the 22nd century. We ask for your patience and understanding as we explore the characters we have and how they can better fit into the world with their backstories, designs, and characterization.

The Sky-bound City of San Cielo:
We want to welcome all of our players to the beautiful  west coast megalopolis of San Cielo in the lovely state of California. Even before the catastrophes and tragedies that shaped the Valiance Online’s 21st century, the city of San Cielo was already primed to grow with the presence of Valor and its super heroes along with the rapid expansion of key megacorporations thriving in a time of incredible scientific growth. What exactly happened during this century will be unveiled at a later date as they are written and finalized, but we hope you will enjoy exploring, learning about, and defending—or destroying—the wonderful future city of San Cielo.

We look forward to sharing more details with you in the future about all of these and more as we develop and finalize their details right up to release. As the Content Director for Valiance Online, I take my job seriously in ensuring we exceed your expectations for our game’s growing characters and lore. Please keep an eye out to new developments coming down the pipeline you heroes and villains out there!

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