A great silence took hold of our site over the last few months as the Valiance team seemed to have all, but phased out of existence. But when many thought we'd given up our efforts, they had no idea we'd been tucked away building a stronger team.

Our goal was to make a bigger impression on the community we loved so much. We were doubted often, in many forums, by many individuals, but we're here today, standing stronger and more prepared. We are ready to build a city where we can all feel comfortable once again. We've taken our existing MMO technology and started further develop it into a system much like that of our fallen predecessor. Together, with the help of this community, we will rebuild what we've lost; never over-complicating the nature of the design we love so much.

The team behind Valiance is currently in the process of updating their latest build to include quite a few performance enhancements as well as a combat, player labels, and the basic swimming elements. Our latest build is scheduled to be released later tonight or this weekend. We know a lot of people have been pushing us to release lore content, and trust us, we are doing our very best to get the lore elements of the game delivered as fast as possible. The design division and the writing division have been putting their best effort into developing extremely enriched world, with deep story elements, and gameplay design; all while remaining true to their original inspiration. We're doing our best to deliver as much as we can unfunded and we're most thankful for all those who have given us their support and showed their willingness to help assist us with crowd-funding. After several emails from community supporters, we've decided to open up our funding application to our supporters. Our team is asking for 6,000 US dollars to invest in 1-2 months of dedicated contractors to assist in pushing the game in the pre-alpha final phase. Your investments will invested in a contracted coder, a 3D character artists, a 3D environment artist, a UI artist, and fees related to the extended website design elements and web programming. Though 6,000 US dollars doesn't seem like much for a month of dedicated development, it goes a long way to keepng dedicated hands working withing the project consistently with no need to focus on "day-jobs" or other external distractions. Though we can't currently afford to fund our core development team, we are more interested in getting a solid product to our community and letting them decide when and how we should further orchestrate community funding.

We are confident in our abilities and the capabilities of our community. You have all guided us in the right direction with your constant feedback on Facebook and your input here, on our official site. We know that each of you will continue to assist us as we embark on this long journey in an attempt to recreate the experience many of us fell in love with. Thanks as always for taking the time to read, for your support, and for your willingness to invest in this project. We're grateful for each and every one of you, both hero and villain. For we could neither exist without the other. So prepare yourselfs for the long ride. Good day and until next time.... stay Valiant.

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