Greetings again, and welcome to this week-in-review.



  • Expanded upon the new San Cielo environment
  • Transitioned more customizations from concepts to 3D meshes
  • Setup new crafting workbenches
  • Added new craftable enhancements
  • Added new UI element art
  • Added functionality to lock enhancements to character levels
  • Optimized AI and traffic solution
  • Began the process of adding support for DirectX 12 to both the launcher and game client
  • Updated to the latest game engine release
  • Added new ability, item, and crafting component icons
  • Updated many ability and item icons
  • Fixed general bugs


  • Improved server to client networking
  • Fixed a few NPC/mission issues
  • Improved connectivity reliability
  • Fixed general bugs


  • Transitioned to new email server
  • Fixed a few issues with website server to game server connectivity

Next Weeks Perspective

Next week we'll be sharing a detailed blog regarding each department's progress, as well as images of all progress on each topic. Look forward to a long read, with much discussion.

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