Greetings again, and welcome to this week-in-review.


Due to the holidays this has been a slower week for development, however, we have still managed to make some solid progress on the server, client, and launcher builds.


  • Continued expansion of the San Cielo map, and are nearly ready to show new screenshots of progress
  • Continued expansion of the character customization system, and are working on more NPC customizations elements
  • Improved server connectivity issues, further resolving some of our current players' connectivity issues


  • Improved the performance of the physics servers dramatically; these updates will be implemented into the live game next week
  • Improved the core server's functionality


  • Added DirectX 12 support; this update will be implemented into the live launcher next week

Next Weeks Perspective

Next week we'll focus on implementing major launcher and server updates, as well as minor client improvements.

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AEGIS's Avatar
AEGIS An updated Mac client is in the works!
fixmypickle's Avatar
fixmypickle Could "major launcher updates" possibly include a Mac client??? That would be amazing!!