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"Internal Updates: 1. Removed unused Visual Studios project files. 2. Updated some vehicle animations. 3. Updated the base animations and meshes for the Cyber Soldiers pets: - Updated animation events to use new sounds for their blaster weapons. 4. Updated the entire road network system: - Added new optimized road pieces and added a new dynamic prefab child system to make it easier for the art contractors to add new road pieces to networks within rigorous reconnection efforts. 5. Updated the Prisma Celeste monument: - removed the terrain grass element as we're now using our new mesh terrain system for auto-terrain population and instanced handling of nature elements. 6. Deleted old road prefabs that are no longer used with our transition to the road system 7. Added new wrestling/grappling animations for R&D testing. 8. Updated the AreaSanCielo scene: - Imported more elements of the organic road network from the test scene. - Updated the grassland biome mask; added a beach and forest biome mask set for the beach and forest regions of the new environment. 9. Updated the liysync tech to optimize use with NPC dialogue and NPC barks. 10. Updated the project to the latest version of Unity 2019 (2019.1.14f1). 11. Optimized the new ocean, rivers, lakes, and pond meshes into a single mesh and reduced the mesh's polygon count significantly. 12. Added 32 new buildings meshes for various Skyeline buildings: - Added a few landmark elements. 13. Added new concept references from the California coast and various California mountain range; the artists will be using these for terrain styling and design. 14. Added new weapon shop and weapon concept art. 15. Added new melee, rifle, and shotgun weapon types for character creation implementation: - NOTE: The new pistol and rifle sets have skins that will be added, but there are no masks for custom coloring added yet, but these will come in a few weeks after priority environment work is complete."

On 08/17/2019 by SKIPJACK "Internal Updates"
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